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Berkey Water Filter Coupon

Got this coupon from one of the biggest online berkey water filter vendors. This coupon will work on almost every product listed on the website. You need to use these coupons during the final checkout.

By using this coupon you can get 5% off on ceramic berkey filter systems +  50% off on selected items + Free shipping

If you are planning to order more than one system, then it would be a good idea to contact the vendor directly. You may be able to get a volume discount ( depends on the offers running at that time ). If you are planning to buy a big berkey water filter system then you should also be looking at royal berkey. For just a couple of dollars more you get an additional gallon of filtering capacity. Not a bad deal for just $25 extra.

When you use a berkey water filter you can be sure that you will get upto 99.99999% filtration quality and the filtration elements remove some of the most commonly found contaminants which also include heavy metals like lead and arsenic. There is a pretty cool video on the website which clearly shows how berkey water filter removes dissolved dye from water.

I have tried using this coupon when ordering a berkey filter system for my in-laws and it works just fine !

** Update – They seem to have bulk discounts too. For more information contact the vendor directly by clicking on the discount link above.



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